This morning Tom and I were doing what we best...eating (you thought I was going to say radio.) I was peeling an Orange with my pampered chef Orange peeler and Tom looked utterly amazed.

Tom says: What is that?

Cefus says: An Orange peeler

Tom says: Cool, I have never seen that in my many years of life

Cefus says: Really!!!?

Call #1 says he has never heard of one!?

Call #2 says they are everywhere

I thought everyone had an Orange peeler, or at least knew what it was (it makes peeling Oranges really easy.)  Help me out with our poll to prove to Tom that an Orange is common knowledge.

This history of the Orange peeler:

The inventor of the original best orange peeler is a man by the name of Wilbur Blank. He invented the peeler back in 1938 when he was 19, out of a love for oranges but a distaste for peeling them by hand. He called it the QWIK ORANGE PEEL. Like many others before him, necessity gives way to invention. After WWII and raising 7 children, he finally took it forward and found a manufacturing company in the USA and marketed it in the late 70's. It was important to him that it be Made in the USA. He received notoriety after Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes demonstrated it and said, "It has changed my life." He also appeared on OPRAH with his invention and was interviewed on radio shows and several magazine articles, like the one in Phillip Morris Magazine called "Peeling Good." He passed away in 1997 and his family is still selling them on EBAY and the website.

via Wiki Answers