I took my boy to last night's Yakima Valley Pippins game against Kelowna (Pippins win!). What I spent on food and beverage for the two of us, my son nearly recouped in foul balls he collected throughout the game!

Drew is a "seamhead" and loves baseball. He is also a fan of a YouTube star by the name of Zack Hample (who claims to have caught over 10,000 baseballs at ballgames).

Using some of the tips he learned from Hample, plus having a vast knowledge of the grounds at Yakima County Stadium, Drew was able to snag six - SIX! - baseball's last night. By the end of the evening though, we left the yard with just one as he always try to give any extras away to other kids who don't have one.

I don't want to divulge too much about his strategy, but... If you go to a game this summer, you'll likely see Drew hanging around the Right Field line near the visiting team's bullpen!

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