Calling all mini doctors, nurses, surgeons, and beyond! Pacific Northwest University Medical Students are inviting the youngest members of the community to a free family-friendly event! Mini-Med School!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 16th, 2022

Where Will Mini-Med School Be Held?

The Pacific Northwest University Campus is located at Butler-Haney Hall, 200 University Parkway Yakima, WA 98901.

What Time is Mini-Med School?

You can stop by any time between 9 am and 1 pm

What is Happening at Mini-Med School?

  • Learn what makes you sick
  • What is CPR?
  • White Coat Photo Booth
  • Easter Surprises

Masks Will Be Required for Indoor Activities

If you are wanting more information or have questions please e-mail

PNWU is hosting a Mini-Med School event. This is geared towards elementary age and under. There will be various booths and activities for kids to participate in. Hope to see you there!

What is Pacific Northwest University?

Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences is a private medical school in Yakima, Washington. Founded in 2005, the university's inaugural program was the first new medical school to open in the Pacific Northwest in sixty years

One of the most amazing things about PNWU is that they are educating and graduating medical students who want to stay in the Pacific Northwest. Who want to assist in our rural areas, and want to make a difference. Since the school was founded, by local doctors might I add, they have continually expanded the medical fields they teach in and are constantly creating and volunteering in the community.

photo by Sarah J
photo by Sarah J

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