Now that our region has graduated to Phase Two in the 'Pandemic Games', Yakima Valley residents are going to have the opportunity to return to at least some of our regular activities. Activities including dining indoors at some of our favorite restaurants.

That is not only good news to foodies, gourmets, gluttons and social butterflies, it's excellent news for some of our beloved small businesses and their owners and employees who depend upon our patronage.

Here in Yakima, we have numerous excellent establishments which feature a wide variety of eats and drinks, many of which offer a distinctive taste of our region. So the question we're posing is this: What Yakima Valley Restaurant is Ready to Go Global?

Think about it.....did Ray Crock actually envision McDonald's popping up on virtually every continent? Did Colonel Sanders know that he'd still appear in TV commercials decades after he died? So, think big. Who has what it takes?

We'd like to compile an official list of suggested 'Ready To Take On The World' restaurants and we want to hear from you. Download the station app and message us. Or, sound off on our Facebook Page where this question is posted.

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To kick things off, I'll start by shining a spotlight on one such establishment that is already famous around the Valley and around the World - 2018 James Beard Award Winner - Los Hernandez in Union Gap, now with a second location in West Valley. Los Hernandez is especially loved for their Asparagus Tomales which they've shipped around the world - including Europe, South America, and even China.

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