With Random Acts of Bullness, we spread a little love around the Yakima Valley. It could be someone who needs recognition for going above and beyond. It could be a family who can't afford to buy those tickets but really needs a getaway.

In Michele's absence it turns into Rik and I trying to do our part to address one of the most important and ignored issues in our society. The issue I speak of is the mistreatment of blondes

For whatever reason, people have been making blonde jokes for years and no one seems to care. Blondes suffer from female aggression because of their amazing beauty, and blondes endure guys constantly making passes at them.

Now to get serious for a minute, there is a really hardworking teacher at Valley View Elementary School in Toppenish who is selfless and never asks for anything. She is a super mom who puts her kids' needs before hers.

That said, Rik and I decided to award Dana with some tickets to the June 27 Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean show at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Here's how it went down...

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