maria- bullness

It is always a great day when I get to hit the road and visit our listeners!

And yesterday was another great day. Random Acts of Bullness made its way to the Child Protective Services unit of the state Department of Social and Health Services in Yakima yesterday! Maria was so great to meet, and little did I know the treats she would have for me! Maria took me on a full-scale tour of the CPS floor, allowing me to meet with the wonderful caseworkers and managers who help keep our kids safe!

Did you know that you can donate blankets, clothes, and toys to CPS? I didn't. But in fact, they have a whole area where they store donated items and caseworkers can snag them and take them to kids who need them!

Thank you for entering, Maria. I hope you enjoyed your fresh goodies from Viera's Bakery!! It was great seeing you!

And don't forget: If you sign up here, I might be coming to visit you or a friend at your work place next!

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