Weather is hot and dry right now, which is a recipe for wildland fires spreading quickly. Winds will be roughly 15-20 mph, mixed with high humidity and 90-degree temperatures. As Gunner and I saw yesterday, fires can spread quickly when the conditions are right --  you can check out our live Facebook video of a fire we caught just as it was taking off.

We are being told to be careful this weekend while we are barbecuing for Dad, and that it might even mean not mowing your lawn. Just try not to do anything that could cause a spark!

So what is the best way to beat the heat on days like today? I have some tips for you, thanks to Medicinenet:

  1. Put a spray bottle int the fridge and keep it cool. If you need to drive and your car is hot, spay some cool water into the car first.
  2. Make sure you keep air circulating in your home -- even a cheap box fan will help.
  3. Keep lights off, since incandescent light bulbs create unnecessary heat.
  4. Remember that animals get just as hot as you do, so bring them inside.

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