Y'ALL! I am so excited to hear that Rick Steves is coming to Yakima this fall!

The Capitol Theatre puts on an annual Town Hall Series, and they have brought many LEGEND-wait for it-DARY speakers and celebrites to Yakima. This year is no exception!

Rick Steves, your fellow Washingtonian from Edmonds, has a popular travel guide series on local PBS channel, KYVE-TV and KCTS-TV and Create TV, and before my daughter was born and took over my tv watching with Cailou and Dinosaur Train, I used to watch Rick Steves roaming around the world and showcasing places I dream of visiting someday.

Steves actually inspired me to someday host my own travel television show alongside my daughter, Willow. I plan to call it "Willow's Wild World", so look out for it in say, a few years after I get my teeth straightened and whitened. As soon as I am "superstar" ready, I'm gonna pitch my tv show idea--maybe I'll get to tell Rick Steves about it myself when he gets here on October 18th!


Purchase your Yakima Town Hall Series tickets today to see Rick Steves and more celebrated inspirational speakers at CapitolTheatre.org.

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