Last August, while serving my time in a COVID world like every one of us did, I asked the question -- If you're tired of the mundane, the same ol’, same ol’, the humdrum daily grind and you want to put a little pizzazz back into your life -- here's something that just might do the trick - you can purchase what is currently one of the most expensive homes for sale in Seattle. Is your interest piqued? Sit down for this one.

I recalled at the time that as a former Seattleite, I'm really in love with this incredible home in the gorgeous Magnolia Neighborhood - where the median price for a home is about $1.5 Million. The home I'm sharing with you today is a stately Tudor Revival that epitomizes luxury and style both inside and out.

The Incredible Seattle Home with the Nike Putting Green and a View - Price Drop!

Oh, the price?......a year ago, in August of 2020 you could move in for a cool $12,500,000. Today, though it's marked PENDING on REALTOR.COMthe asking price is $6,995,000. Nearly cut in half in the past year! Wow!

You can get all of the details you need at REALTOR.COMHowever, I can't resist sharing just a few of the spectacular photographs of this incredible home. Let's look:


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