New year, new you! But what about a new job? Well, during these times it's not always to find a new job. Many are still out of work and some are even looking for side jobs to help with all the bills. Although Yakima has job openings weekly, new statistics are saying Seattle ranks very high in best cities for jobs.

WalletHub reports that Seattle ranks 8th place for best cities to find a job.
Our neighboring Boise comes in 5th which is even better. Nice town, Boise is.

Source: WalletHub

South Burlington, VT. Maybe it's their coat factory? I'm not sure. Several things went into this list including job market and socio-economics.

Out of 182 cities, Yakima didn't make the cut compared to others. However, Tacoma came in 18th place, Vancouver was 36th place and Spokane was 59th place. There's a few other options in the area without moving out of the state.

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