We have some beautiful waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest and it's easy to name the biggies like Palouse Falls and Multnomah Falls but you might not realize that Eastern Washington was once the home to the world's largest waterfall and it's not the waterfalls you're thinking about.

If you've ever traveled up the Columbia River towards Coulee City, you've seen the falls and didn't even realize you where in the heart of the world's largest waterfall.

Dry Falls held the title of World's Largest Waterfall during the last Ice Age. It said according to geological findings that Dry Falls was five times the the width of Niagara Falls. The melting of the ice age glaciers had created a massive flooding of water flow that reached 65 miles per hour and cut easily into the mountains of the Columbia River carving the deep canyons we see today. The water flow was 10x more than the current flow of all of the rivers of the world combined today according to a listing in Wikpedia.

...But alas, Dry Falls didn't keep its title, as the Glaciers receded and the Columbia River resumed its normal course, Dry Falls became a trickle of it's former self.

You can check out the remains of the World's Largest Waterfall with a road trip to the Dry Falls State Park and explore the history of this once majestic and legendary waterfall.

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