Sometimes I feel as though there is a very peculiar race going on. The race, not a traditional somebody getting somewhere faster kind of race, but, the race seems to be a competition to be first or different or bizarre. The effort to set trends and influence change for the sake of change.

Peculiar, indeed, is a bathroom in a Boston, Massachusetts condo that is causing quite a stir in the real estate world. The bathroom, like so much else in the condominium which is being offered for around $900,000.00 - is an 'open concept' bathroom. I mean, who among us hasn't felt restained or shut-in when using a traditional bathroom, you know, with walls and a door? Well, for $900K you can now flush those inhibitions right down the drain.

Nichols Realty Team with Boston Trust Realty Group via

Imagine, the boss and her husband come over for dinner, you want to make a great impression, and right before dinner, she asks to use the restroom. You point toward your lovely 'open concept' bathroom, clearly and entirely visible from 30 feet away, and watch as her expression changes. Forget about dinner. Your career's souffle just fell.

A bathroom remodel is in our future at the Stephenson household. I've been casually looking here in the Yakima area at a variety of options, concepts, trends and have garnered quite a few opinions on what might work best for us. Not one time, in the past 6 months of investigation, have any of the design people I've spoken to said 'Hey, have you considered an 'open concept' bathroom? We could tear out the wall and it will provide you with an amazing sense of freedom. Plus, your wife won't have to shout at you from the hallway, she can just stand right where the door used to be.

Nichols Realty Team with Boston Trust Realty Group via

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