BEFORE you answer, read some of the facts and stats below. We have cited and sourced all the info for you to find out more. Knowledge is power!

Many parents are worried about sending their children back to school. I mean no one wants their child to get sick, so the fear and concern is real.



With all the noise that is going on, let's base this conversation on facts.

From the CDC, we find in the United States, 2% of confirmed cases of COVID-19 were among persons aged 18 years or younger. The overall survival rate is at 0.05%. That's very low.

In the US, 22% of the population is made up of infants, children, and adolescents aged 18 years or younger.

Given that 5% to 20% of the U.S. population that will get the flu, on average, each year, according to WEBMD, the chances of a child getting the flu is higher than a child contracting COVID. There's some comfort in that.

There also concern of kids possibly transmitting COVID to adults. According to The Geneva University Hospital study, only 8% were proven to be transmitted from child to adult. It's a small study as it's still early and more studies are being conducted.


So the chances are low of contracting, and still low of transmitting. With that said, now we ask the question on every parents mind - should your kids go back to school? Are you comfortable with them going back?

Do you have someone in your home that is vulnerable?

How are you preparing your kids for going back to school?

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