Pop Quiz time: Do you know what NFT stands for?

If you said, "Nacho Friggin Cheese" like I did at Triva Night when that was one of the questions, you would be strong and wrong (and would get asked to go find another trivia team). The correct answer is Non-Fungible Token.

What does NFT mean?
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Can someone please explain NFTs to me like I am an adorable 5-year-old kid?

Adorable Kid: Explain it to me like I am a 5-year-old
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  • Non of course, means "not".
  • Fungible means replaceable with a like item.
  • Token is the digital certificate you receive if you buy one of these newfangled NFTs.

In fact, I think N.F.T. should stand for New Fangled Technology, because thats exactly what we are dealing with, folks!

Robot Looking at you Sideways
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Rapper extraordinaire, Sir Mix-A-Lot, knows exactly what an NFT is. He is so hip with the kids that he has turned one of his own works of "art" into a non-transfundable...I forgot it already, wait, I just remembered, it is a "non-fungible-token"!

Sir Mix-A-Lot at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima, WA
Deccio Creative

He likes BIT BUTTS and he cannot lie! That's right, Sir Mix-A-Lot has a brand of designer butts that he's put together and when you buy one of the works of digital "art" part of your purchase goes toward colon cancer research.

Very cheeky!

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Sir Mix-A-Lot wanted to help raise awareness for Colon Cancer Awaremess Month (March) and his BIT BUTTS NFT collection fits the bill perfectly! This is not to be confused with the butt of a joke, his website points out.

A new remix of his classic hit, "Baby Got Back", is coming May 9th, and it will be in the format of a special NFT version! Get more details here.

I would insert a really cheeky butt pun here but I'm going to spare you this time!

Sir Mix-A-Lot
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What a cool thing Sir Mix-A-Lot is doing to raise awareness so, Fellas, go get your rectums checked! (Try Yakima Gastroenterology Associates, 3909 Creekside Loop, or Tri-Cities Care Center, 7114 W Hood Pl. in Kennewick.)

Colon Cancer: that's Not Funny To me.

Hey, I just made an NFT pun! I 'crack' myself up!


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