When I moved here, I noticed a number of houses that were painted bright or non-traditional colors. I have no problem with this. In fact, I would much rather see different colored houses on a block, than the same house in every lot with the same color. We have house diversity in Yakima ya'll! It's like a bag of Skilttes. In Yakima, all colors represented! Taste the rainbow!

Was driving near 16th Ave and saw a very pink house. The funny part is, this pink house, was, I mean PINK. While in the yard, a large flag pole with a Marine Flag (Semper Fi), waves in the wind over the house. Interesting contrast, no?

skit 4

Respect those flags! And the pink boldness!

skit 5

Then I noticed a number of blue houses. People, we are not afraid to let our freak-color flag fly!

skit 2

If pastel Skittles were a thing (maybe they are on Easter?), this house would be right on the mark. Teal / Green. You won't have to look hard to find this house if they give you directions. "Turn left on _________ street and look for the teal green house." No need to give the address. This color and the house are recognizable from three blocks away!

skit 3

This orange one looks like it fell out of a large Skittles bag! Can't miss this one. I am sure if you are flying over in a plane, it would be easy to see - even at night! What color is that? Tangerine-orange? Is there such a color?



Dark blue / grey on this one. The most colorfull house on this block!

skit 7

If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

All My Best,

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