When I moved here, I noticed a number of houses that were painted bright or non-traditional colors. I have no problem with this. In fact, I would much rather see different colored houses on a block, than the same house in every lot with the same color. We have house diversity in Yakima ya'll! It's like a bag of Skilttes. In Yakima, all colors represented! Taste the rainbow!

Was driving near 16th Ave and saw a very pink house. The funny part is, this pink house, was, I mean PINK. While in the yard, a large flag pole with a Marine Flag (Semper Fi), waves in the wind over the house. Interesting contrast, no?

Respect those flags! And the pink boldness!

Then I noticed a number of blue houses. People, we are not afraid to let our freak-color flag fly!

If pastel Skittles were a thing (maybe they are on Easter?), this house would be right on the mark. Teal / Green. You won't have to look hard to find this house if they give you directions. "Turn left on _________ street and look for the teal green house." No need to give the address. This color and the house are recognizable from three blocks away!

This orange one looks like it fell out of a large Skittles bag! Can't miss this one. I am sure if you are flying over in a plane, it would be easy to see - even at night! What color is that? Tangerine-orange? Is there such a color?


Dark blue / grey on this one. The most colorfull house on this block!

If we missed one of your favorites, let us know!

All My Best,

The JimShow