I saw the sign. So I did as I was told. I called Doug. Here’s what happened.

I was on Highway 82 when I saw what is a digital construction sign that said, “Open for Practice.” On one slide. The next slide said “Call Doug 952-1776”.

So I did.

A friendly voice came across. “Hi, it’s Doug.” I introduced myself and told him I saw your sign and called."

Glad you called! What do you know about the Yakima Speedway?” “Can I take my car for a spin on your track?” “Well sure! What cha got?” “How about a 2018 Chevy Cruze?” Doug laughed. “We’ll take it!”

So $75 and some insurance papers and I am good to go.

ANDY SAWYER/Yakima Herald-Republ

Like many businesses Yakima Speedway has suffered from the bout of Rona.

Doug explains that the speedway hopes to recover and use the raceway as multi-use moving forward. Concerts, gatherings and other non-racing events are on his mind. The Yakima Speedway sits on 46 acres and houses a rare half mile track.A very useful space.

“People love it”, Doug mentions, “Outside turn 3, the cars are pushing 120 miles per hour. It’s exciting.”

As we manage our way to an eventual Phase 2, Doug hopes that their next event, the Fall Classic in October will go on without a hitch. It will be the first track gathering since quarantine. In the meantime, Doug has opened Yakima Speedway to us all with an offer to run your car around the Yakima Speedway Track. This helps pay the bills.

Most cars are welcomed. I asked Doug about Mini-vans. He was game. Hey, even Moms and Dads in Minivans need a little speed now and then.

If the mood to race around a track sounds good to you, call Doug. Minivan not required.

All My Best,

The JimShow