I love a great conspiracy theory. Tales and fables passed along from person to person. Sometimes they're made up and sometimes they're just so wacky that they're almost believable. There are also some that have traveled from ear to ear so often that the fable becomes fact to many.

They posed the question on Reddit and here are just a few of some favorite conspiracy theories about Spokane, Washington.

Here are a few random ones.

Sativadom2: That Spokane is some sort of “Test City” for social engineering projects.

Spayce_Case: Jimmy Marks put a curse on City Hall and that's why we didn't have a 2 term mayor for so long.

SuperMouseDeadMouse: Any trash you feed the goat at riverfront park eventually ends up in a whammy at Dicks.

nntb: There is the Spokane curse. Anyone that moves away is cursed to return

Dream_Song14: That Evel Knievel rode around town on a motorcycle delivering cocaine for mobsters.

Skinem1: That Butch Cassidy didn't die in Bolivia but died of old age in Spokane. His sister lived in Spokane and not long before she died in the 60s or 70s she claimed that. If i remember right she even produced some pictures.

Dixon011001: That you will hear baby's crying on the third tier as you walk up the thousand steps at night.

NewBeach6930: Minnehaha Park and why the children ghosts are there? The building was and old brewery back in the 1900’s, not an orphanage that typically people claim to explain why the ghosts are all children there.

ClockTowerBoys: Fairchild hold the world’s largest storage of anthrax!

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