I'm sure I'll here the groans of "OK, boomer" after expressing my pet peeve of my family being on their cellphones at the dinner table! And it seems that I'm not the only one who dislikes this behavior because a restaurant in Iowa, Sneaky's Chicken, will give patrons a 10% discount if they put their cellphone in a box that the server brings to the table.

Sneaky's Chicken isn't the only restaurant to erg customers to ditch their phone at meal time. Sushi Lounge in New Jersey has "Reconnect Tuesday," which will earn customers a 20% discount if they put their phone in a box until their check arrives. Lebro's, an Italian restaurant in New York, offers a 10% discount on Sundays when you put your phone in the bread basket.

I'm constantly nagging at my family to put their phones away at the dinner table! Which they know is a rule, so I really shouldn't have to keep reminding them about it.

I've yet to discover any restaurants locally that offer put your phone away discounts, but would love to know if there are any around?

Otherwise, I'll just keep nagging.

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