I found myself in Nottingham earlier this year. No, I wasn't looking for the sheriff but was there for a video game award show.

As I was walking down one of the many streets I saw this on the side of a building. I thought it was so cool I had to take a photo.

It's exactly what you think it is. It's an emergency defibrillator in case someone is in need of one in that area.

Something like this could save so many lives in lieu of rib-breaking CPR which, of course, can work, too. But this is just such a great idea.

I remember having a conversation with a man in the sundome at the fair and he was talking about the importance of something like this vs. having to use traditional CPR as the odds of success are higher with something like this. He was hoping to fund more units to more locations so trained people could use these in lieu of waiting for EMTs to arrive saving precious seconds as every moment counts.

Something like this could be a life saver for so many.

This isn't quite a 'in case of emergency break glass' as they're still locked up but after calling 999 (the equivalent of our 911) to get the code. I'm sure this is also to know there's an emergency happening at this location so they can send people that way.

Along with the instructions on how to use as, if you're like most, you've only seen how to do this in movies and tv shows.

Would love to see more of these on the streets of our towns.

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