I have been a wine guy for years. Love me some Pino Noir with dark chocolate. Great pairing.

I had not dabbled too much into beer until I met Lisa. I mostly stuck to Shock Top (I have yet to hear the end of that). Lisa is a beer connoisseur. She knows her stuff. She introduced IPA’s to me and I was hooked.


After moving here to Yakima, knowing it is a beer town, I discovered I really am a sucker for high IBU IPA’s. If you don’t know, IBU is the standard by which beer’s bitterness is measured. The higher the number, the more bitter the beer. It’s a loose standard, but gives the consumer an idea of what to expect.

I am currently enjoying Bale Breakers Bottomcutter (100 IBU) and Elysian’s Space Dust (73 IBU). These are the most tasteful beers I have sampled so far. Like most of you, as we sat staring at each other in our homes for the last 160 days, I started to work on my waistline. By watering it - with beer.

Friends toasting with beer

See, the thing about beer – its waistline expanding. It snuck up on me slowly. Day by day. I could feel the swell. One morning I got the courage to step on the scale. I gained 14 lbs. Ugh.

I was a victim of Rona Beer Waist.

I lost 60 lbs. last year and kept it off – until, beer. And Rona. Turns out that was the combination that was my kryptonite. Here I am at my swelliest.

RW 4
RW 3
RW 2

I swore I would NEVER get back to 280 lbs. Rona / Beer would test that.

Like many of you, I let down my guard, snacked and drank (beer) more than I should and gained a bit weight back.

I didn’t realize how much I gained it until I put on my jeans I haven’t wore since March. I tried them on and they were tight. Really tight. Like most of you, during quarantine, I was wearing sweats and joggers daily. Sweats are very forgiving when it comes to weight gain. And mine were extremely forgiving.

Since then, I have been watching what I eat and backed off the beer with the exception of weekends, cause, beer.

So far, am down 5 lbs, and I can fit in my jeans again. I plan on losing the other 9 lbs and am bike riding again.

I have learned my lesson, if I ever deal with another pandemic, I am wearing my jeans at least once a week so I can keep track of my weight gain.

Stupid Beer Rona Waist.

All My Best,

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