How 'bout a little sip?
Tieton Cider Works will launch a new canned, hard cider product called Rambling Route to the public this Friday (March 27). The new beverage is described as being "bold and has a crisp flavor just like biting into a Washington state-grown apple...
Watch Out For Cougars In The Area
If you live in the Cowiche/Tieton area be cautious of two cougars. My aunt who lives on Rosenkranz Road called me the other day and said that 2 cougars had killed the neighbors dog. A few weeks ago a cow was found dead.
If you live in this area please be careful and try to keep your pets inside if po…
It’s BIG ART! in Tieton.
One nevers knows where they can find art and the artists. In the small town of Tieton all one has to do is just look. Here is what's happening as of this week!
Tieton Farmers Market
If you are like me enjoying the fruits and vegetables of labor from our local farmers. You need to head to Tieton this Saturday!