I've been to plenty of sports bars in my life but this one had something different. Most sports bars are the same, flashy neon signs, loud music blaring, and the same game on every tv. Don't get me started on the standard food. It usually just doesn't cut it.

Tailgaters however is not your typical sports bar, I stopped in for a quick beer and loved this spot. This family-friendly place has multiple drink choices including, signature cocktails, beer on tap, and blended drinks of all kinds.

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The staff is both friendly and attentive, at any moment you were able to grab someone's attention or ask for something with a quick response and a smile. I didn't plan on eating there but after seeing the food coming out of the kitchen I was persuaded with ease. Their menu is chock-full of delicious choices but not cluttered with too many options. I wanted to get the fish and chips, the guacamole bacon burger, the steak tips, really just all of it, however, I settled on the American Classic of a Ruben to go.


Like I said I've been to plenty of sports bars, what better place to hang out with friends and watch the game. That being said I've eaten a lot of Rubens while at the bar, most of the time it. comes out looking kinda wimpy and on soggy toast. When I opened up the box and saw a big ol' sandwich stuffed with pastrami and sour kraut on rye bread I was beyond ecstatic. It's no secret I'm a big boy, I know what I like to eat and I know how I like it made. Tailgaters took one look at me and said "challenge accepted."

It left me full and believe it or not I had leftovers, I can see myself going back time and time again to this place. It also doesn't hurt that it's next to where my girlfriend works. Talk about a win, win for me. It's also family-friendly so you can bring your kiddos for a bite to eat.

You can check out their drink and food menu by clicking HERE

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