This is crazy news! I was just reading in one of those celebrity news magazines that Taylor Swift had found her "soulmate" in Harry Styles. One friend said "I could see them tying the knot, I mean just running off and doing it." Well...according to the NY Post Article that's not the case. I know relationships are give and take but Taylor Swift can't keep one longer than agoldfish (My Goldfish didn't live very long.)

I'm sure there will be a song in near future about Harry, unless they get back together before she has time to write it. Either way Taylor Swift has had a ton of short term relationship experience and plenty of material for a new album. I do hope she slows down and finds true happiness one, because this life is too short. I would also assume it's harder for her to date because of her schedule and high profile. Whatever happens we with Taylor the best and as for her ex Harry, I hope you didn't hurt her because those of us in country music view as our cool rich little sister.

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