This is just more proof we are not supposed to wear masks on the reg.

In the age of 'Rona, she has introduced us many news things. The latest? MASKNE.

Most mask wearers have expeienced this to some degree. Redness, irritation, ACNE caused by excessive mask wearing. We know wearing is important right now, those are suffering from MASKNE know this all too well.

Illinois High School Holds Socially Distanced Graduation During Coronavirus Pandemic
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Dermatologists say you can prevent it by regularly washing your mask . . . and washing your face before and after you wear one. It's more work, but at the end of the day it may be worth it.

Also regular moisterizing may help as a preventitive measure. Also, when safe and you are isolated, try to get a break from the mask and allow fresh oxygen to alow your skin breath.

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