My first job was as a shampoo girl at a beauty salon. I was 15 years old and my father knew the owner, Tammy, from his high school days. She let me work in her salon for a few hours sometimes after school on Wednesdays and every Saturday morning. I remember proudly walking the few blocks up the street to my "cool new job". I got paid $2 a head (shampoo client) plus I got to keep any tips customers would give me. I remember thinking my $30 check was so much money to me. (Aw, how sweet and naive I was back then!)

If you have a child who is looking for a job this summer, the Safe Yakima Youth Committee is back for another edition of 100 Jobs for 100 Kids on Wednesday, May 26th (see flyer below). This year, the popular event will be virtual. It brings together Yakima County youth with local small businesses who are hiring workers under age 18. It is always been a very successful event, thanks to the dedicated and hard-working staff at the Safe Yakima Valley, Henry Beauchamp Community Center/OIC of Washington (1211 South 7th Street), and the Yakima Downtown Rotary Club.

Covid-19 put a screeching halt to the annual youth job fair event but now that things are picking back up and face-mask mandates are being repealed, it is the perfect time for kids to start hunting for ways to make some extra cash during the upcoming summer break.

To participate in the 100 Jobs for 100 Kids event, young people must be currently enrolled in high school at Davis, Stanton, and Eisenhower high schools, and be of the Washington state eligible working age of 15 years and up (in some cases, age 14). Federal law dictates youth under age 18 are only allowed to work between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. during summer break, and they cannot work more than six (6) days in a row.

For more info on the 100 Jobs for 100 Kids event, please contact the Beauchamp Center Executive Director, Adrianne Garner, at the Beauchamp Center by calling (509)-575-6114.

OIC of Washington via Facebook
OIC of Washington via Facebook

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