Don't recognize the Band Perry lately? As they told James Corden on The Late Late Show on March 22, their edgy new look is who they've always been.

Gearing up to release their third album, My Bad Imagination, the siblings shared that their look goes along with the theme of their forthcoming project, but as Kimberly Perry explained, it has been a part of the three siblings their entire lives.

"There's a lot that comes along with a bad imagination, so it's sort of this bar of what does that look like, what does that feel like?" she says in the video above, adding that it's "mostly new bangs" she's rocking. "Probably what you see before you now is probably what we've always felt on the inside, finally making its way to the outside."

Nodding along, Corden remarks, "You're like a bizarre-o Willy Wonka."

The Band Perry later performed a new track, "Stay in the Dark" which kicked off with Kimberly kneeling on the floor with sunglasses in her floor-length red dress. Several spotlights lit the band throughout their performance of "Stay in the Dark," which they fittingly sang to an audience that was seated in the dark. Watch their performance of the song below.

The trio shot to fame in 2010 with the country single “If I Die Young,” but they've been transitioning to more pop-oriented songs since their 2015 single “Live Forever." The forthcoming album is their first all-pop effort, and "Stay in the Dark" is the lead single.

The Grammy-winning group have just completed a string of popup shows billed as Welcome to My Bad Imagination, intimate performances designed to introduce their most loyal fans to their new direction.

"My Bad Imagination is an album with a ton of layers and surprises for our fans,” says Kimberly Perry. “Our fans have stuck by us over the past year while we’ve been quietly creating our new music, and now we want to get close to them as we can to start listening and moving to these new sounds together."

"Stay in the Dark" currently sits at No. 30 on Billboard's Adult Pop Songs chart. No release date has been announced for My Bad Imagination.

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