I kept seeing the Yelp reviews for Bullseye Burger for a few month now. I found the name interesting, named after the road it can be found on – Firing Center road where you find the gas station that makes the best burger in the Yakima Valley! It is locate at the Chevron gas station near Selah!

Inside the Firing Center Chevron is a place called Bullseye Burgers. I have seen the Yelp reviews for the place and being a burger connoisseur, I had to find out more.

Now many of you would probably be thinking, “The Best Burger in Yakima, @ gas station?!?” Yep. I had to try it. Even if It’s origins are at a fueling stop.


I and have lived life long enough to know, the best food can be found at the most unsuspecting places, so I was excited to give it try. We rolled up to the Firing Center Chevron. Once inside, it is clear that it is owned and operated by a Vietnam Veteran. Big props for serving our country Sir!

I ordered the Bullseye Cheeseburger Meal. The people behind the counter were friendly and courteous.

We grabbed our Fries, burger and drinks and headed to the outdoor tables under the Chevron sign to enjoy what I hoped would be a great burger and meal!


We unpacked it and I immediately started in on the fries (and the mandatory fry sauce). The fires were perfectly done, full of flavor and really tasty!

So far, so good. Now, “the gas station burger” was up. I got the Bullseye Cheeseburger. Double Meat, cheddar, and all the fixings. As I picked it up, it was a tad bit greasy. That usually the sign of a tasty burger. I inspected the burger by briefly taking it apart. Pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, double meat and cheese. All was good.


Upon my first bite, you could taste it. The flavor was full, the meat was cooked to almost perfection. All the ingredients tasted fresh as it was ready to make as ordered. It was a really good burger – specifically for it’s price point. A full meal was $10 – well worth the price paid!

They also have a Bullseye Burger Challenge – Eat 5 Burgers, 5 Fries and a Milk Shake and your meal is free! You also will receive $50! That might be a challenge for some of you!


Look, this could be the best “gas station” burger I have ever had! It also ranks up with gourmet burger joints. If you have not tried Bullseye Burger @ Firing Center Chevron, you are missing out on a gem!

All My Best,

The JimShow

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