(Time to play along, say this in your dramatic voice, ready? Go) “In the shadow of downtown Yakima, a new dawn arises. Where the future is not feared, but revered. Where one can find peace and be at one whilst enjoying the Ales of the gods…” – ok, you can stop that voice thing now.

As semi-poetic as the above was, it’s not untrue. It’s actually accurate. It is in downtown Yakima, it uses the latest technology. Where market driven choice is key and, c’mon, Yakima is a beer town.


I saw 'The Tap- Self Serve Craft-House’ on the ‘Gram/Insta last week. What caught my eye was the tech featured in the promotion. What struck me immediately was how far we have come since back in the waaaaayyyy day. How far we have come since our  progression from Ales and Mead – you know, the things they drink in ‘Game of Thrones’?


Beer is the oldest of schools. When you marry with tech, it makes it more interesting. That is the idea behind 'The Tap- Self Serve Craft House’ – renewing interest in one of the oldest crafts known to man – brewing beer.

What does that marriage look like? Walk into the 'The Tap- Self Serve Craft House’ @ 105 S 1st St #106 and you will see it in its full glory.

The idea of self-serve taps may intimidate some, I get it. But to not try it, is to not truly appreciate the gift of choice. With 50 Taps to choose from, it’s kinda like a Beer Disneyland – where do you go first? So many choices. And that’s a good thing.


Oscar is the co-owner and idea man behind this. He knows tech and has wanted to open a bar as a lifelong dream after his previous career as a city employee.

So a couple years ago, he planned it all out. Everything was considered - well planned and well thought out. Oscar even picked an opening month – April 2020. Rona had other plans for him.

He had a decision to make - open, or fold up shop. That’s the thing about dreams, they usually die hard.

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Like most of us, before phase 1.5, Oscar was restless and ready to open his dream. Last week, he realized it - 'The Tap- Self Serve Craft House’ was opened.

He created a place to chill, with plenty of beer choices, in a relaxed atmosphere in the downtown area.

Mission accomplished Sir. So chill.


You walk in, get a wristband, grab your preferred glass, tap your beer choice, pour your drink, sit down and enjoy. You pay by the ounce, so the glass / pint rule prices are out the window.


Mostly, it feels smart. Not pretentious, not divey, not street - just a great place to hang post-work or on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Now we all have another reason to head downtown. I will see you there.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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