The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 opens this weekend at Yakima Theaters and soon Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be soon be looking to have the biggest box opening of all time. There have been successful sequels and then not-so successful movie sequels. On the Morning Bullpen, we put it out to you and these are the top 5 worst movie sequels according to you.

  • 1

    Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace

    If there was one movie that was hyped like no other back in 1999, it was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. 16 years later people still debate about it.

    There were several groundbreaking effects in the movie but sadly lost the Oscar to "The Matrix" for best special effects. It was the first time that a Star Wars film failed to receive an Oscar for special effects.

    Jar Jar Binks had massive backlash and still is the butt of many jokes from TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Internet Meme's.

    Jake Lloyd also got some undue hate from viewers and has pretty much retired from acting because of it.

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    Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

    It was supposed to be your childhood ride all over. The thrills, the excitement, the action and then the movie starts with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones escaping a nuclear a refrigerator!?

    George Lucas and Steven Speilberg are the masters but this 2008 film leaves a less satisfying romp than the previous films. It made a ton of money but the critics are still polarized.

    It was nominated from a few Razzie awards and made several "worst of" lists and even Steven Spielberg wishes he hadn't done it.

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    Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues

    As a Radio Broadcaster I had such high hopes for Anchorman 2 as there are some parallels between TV and Radio. The first one is no doubt a classic and the bar was set high...maybe a little too high.

    There some bright and funny moments but it seems like a rehash of the first movie.

    Anchorman 2 had less memorable quotes and even though it was actually financially more successful than the first, it won't last the test of time like the original.

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    Speed 2 : Cruise Control

    Most action movies are aptly titled disaster thriller films but most people agree that Speed 2: Cruise Control was a complete disaster.

    Keanu Reeves passed on revisiting the role of Jack Traven and missed a box office bomb. Sandra Bullock was back as Annie and luckily might be the only bright spot in the film.

    Critics and Audiences agreed that the script, acting and action were a travesty as it currently holds a 3% liked rating at Rotten

    Sandra Bullock must lead a charmed life for most folks to forget this abomination of film making.

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    Grease 2

    The only good thing is this sequel to the classic Grease movie was Michelle Pfeiffer as voted on by The Bull listeners.

    The movie producers were unable to get John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to reprise their roles as the plot called for them being married and running a gas station and the movie barely made back it's 12 million dollar budget at the box office and was critically panned.