Your chance to solve a mystery and win cash at the same time is here!

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound is back with your chance to win a cash jackpot each morning on 92.9 The BULL.

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound

Weekday mornings at 8:10, Brian-Reesha-Ryder gives caller 8 a chance at identifying the CVB Secret Sound. The jackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 each day there's an incorrect guess. There could be hundreds of dollars in the jackpot. Team up with friends and co-workers to solve the mystery.

Current Jackpot Amount: WINNER!! Congrats to Michael Alvarado who won the $525 JACKPOT because he got all the clues from Cashmere Valley Bank!

Previous INCORRECT Guesses:

05/02/22 - Aliens

05/03/22 - Shuffling Pages in a Book

05/04/22 - Crumpling A Reusable Grocery Bag

05/05/22 - Fingernails Drumming on a Table

05/06/22 - Can Crusher

05/09/22 - Opening a Bag of Cheetos

05/10/22 - Quarters Dropping out of Change Machine

05/11/22 - Packaging Moving Tape (Dispenser)

05/12/22 - Venetian Blinds/Window Blinds

05/13/22 - Window Blinds (Again)

05/16/22 - Somebody Gargling

05/17/22 - A Car Crashing

05/18/22 - Shuffling a Deck of Cards

05/19/22 - Candy Falling Out of a Vending Machine

05/23/22 - A doorstop thingie

05/24/22 - Ice Going in a Cup

05/25/22 - A Horse making horse sounds

05/26/22 - A Diving Board

05/27/22 - Port-o-Potty Door Creaking

05/31/22 - Giant Connect Four Pieces Dropping: WINNER!!!

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