It's baaaaack...

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound is back for some fall fun!

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound Returns

92.9 The BULL is teaming up again with Cashmere Valley Bank to treat you to an opportunity to have fun and win cash. We've kicked off the fall edition of the CVB Secret Sound contest, so listen each weekday morning at 8:10 am with Brian, Reesha & Ryder on the Morning Bull Pen.

As always, it's a simple proposition, you identify the Secret Sound and win the cash in the jackpot. The jackpot starts out at $25 and grows by $25 each day that the Secret Sound goes unsolved. It could be hundreds of dollars in the jackpot and that's perfect timing - just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Listen to the Current Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound



10/31/22 - 'A Pumpkin Launcher'

11/01/22 - 'Bowling Ball'

11/02/22 -  'A Bag of Blocks'

11/03/22 - 'Indecipherable'

11/04/22 -  'Pool Balls as in Billiards'

11/07/22 -  'Rolling a Marble Across a Table'

11/08/22 - 'Dropping a ball into a Foos Ball Table'

11/9/22 - 'Dropping firewood in or by a Fire Pit'

11/10/22 - 'Bowling Pins' (again)

11/11/22  - 'Hooves walking on the floor, like horses'

11/14/22 - 'Horses Walking'

11/15/22 - "Slipping on a Lego Block"

11/16/22 - "Jenga Blocks falling"

11/17/22 - "Food Going into Oil"

11/18/22 - "An Ice Dispenser"

11/21/22 - "Indecipherable"

11/22/22 - "Light Bulbs Rubbing together"


11/28/22 - "Horses Hooves"

Study the sound and get ready to play on weekday mornings at 8:10 am with Brian, Reesha & Ryder on the Morning Bull Pen.

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