It's your chance to solve a mystery and win cash at the same time!

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound provides you with a chance to win a cash jackpot each morning on 92.9 The BULL.

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound

On weekday mornings at 8:10, Brian-Reesha-Ryder on the Morning Bull Pen gives caller 8 a chance at identifying the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound. The jackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 each day if there's an incorrect guess.

There could be hundreds of dollars in the jackpot. Just ask our most recent winner, Michael Alvarado - he picked up $525. Team up with friends and co-workers to solve the mystery. Remember, once the jackpot reaches $400, you can get bonus clues ONLY at the Cashmere Valley Bank drive-thru windows each weekday. Michael did it - and it paid off big for him!

Listen to The Current Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound

Current Jackpot Amount: $525

Previous Incorrect Guesses:

06/01/22 - A tarp

06/02/22 - Squishy Stress Ball

06/03/22 - A thick reusable plastic bag

06/06/22 - Starburst Wrapper

06/07/22 - Boiling Oil

06/08/22 - A Jar of Marbles

06/09/22 - A Crushing Water Bottle

06/10/22 - Waves Crashing

06/13/22 - Water Coming Out of a Water Spout

06/14/22 - Bubble Wrapping

06/15/22 - Popcorn

06/16/22 - Applause from People Clapping

06/17/22 - Studded Tires

06/20/22 - Pop Rocks

06/21/22 - Ice Going into a Cup

06/22/22 - Dice

06/23/22 - Apple Juice Container Crinkling 

06/24/22 - Coffee Brewing

06/27/22 - Bank Money Counter

06/28/22 - Bottle of Vitamins

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