Time is running out for you to win cash with the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound.

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound provides you with a chance to win a cash jackpot each morning on 92.9 The BULL. We just had a $225 winner, so it's on to the new Secret Sound and a new jackpot, but we wrap up this session on Friday, July 29th.

The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound

On weekday mornings at 8:10, Brian-Reesha-Ryder on the Morning Bull Pen gives caller 8 a chance at identifying the Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound. The jackpot starts at $25 and grows by $25 each day if there's an incorrect guess.

Team up with co-workers, friends, and family to solve the mystery.

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Listen to the Current Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound


Previous Incorrect Guesses

07/15/22 - T-Shirt Cannon

07/18/22 - Something Getting Sprung

07/19/22 - Pinball Launcher

07/20/22 - Opening and Closing Lobby Doors

07/21/22 - A Barrel

07/22/22 - Dropping a Medicine Ball

07/25/22 - A Rollercoaster

07/26/22 - A Diving Board

07/27/22 - Trying to Start a Lawnmower

07/28/22 - Throwing a Ball Against a Window



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