Halloween 2021 will be interesting for sure, as we get to celebrate our first Halloween together in Yakima since 2019 people will go all out in their costumes. With two years of amazing movies, tv, and social media I've narrowed down the 6 most popular costumes for 2021.

If you already have your costume planned and ready to hit the town then maybe you'll see it on the list. Or maybe I'll change your mind and get you pointed into the perfect costume for you. Show off your costume this Halloween to all of Yakima!

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Cruella De vil

Emma Stone absolutely crushed it in her role as Disneys Cruella and made multiple fashion statements throughout the movie. It's already rumored that a lot of people are looking into different versions of the costume, Cruella as a maid, shop clerk, her signature red dress, her garbage dress, and her punk rock look. Needless to say, there's plenty of options when putting together this costume.

Captain America Sam Wilson

The New Captain America took the country by storm and people are already hard at work putting together their rendition of this costume. Even Spirit Of Halloween will be jam-packed with plenty of Marvel gear to have you and the kiddos set for your trick or treating and costume partying.


Another big superhero makes the list with Marvels' Spiderman, the reason being with all the older Spider-man returning for Spider-Man: No Way Home people will for sure be going as Toby Maguire and Tom Hollands Spider-Man.

Covid Vaccine Card

With more places announcing needed proof of vaccine cards, it's more than likely this will be a popular gag costume especially as more and more people are getting vaccinated or not someone is bound to poke some fun at this. Some people have been posting their early work of a vaccine card costume using cardboard and duct tape, as for the finished results we may have to wait until October 31st

What We Do In The Shadows

Becoming a hit during the pandemic this office-like comedy follows a family of vampires who all live in New York. For people who seem to be out of time and strangely hilarious in their vampire schemes more and more costumes are showing up of people preparing to become one if their favorite characters from the show, Nandor an ancient conqueror turned softie, Lazlo the clumsy ladies man who only has eyes for the love of his undead life Nadjia, Nadjia a woman who commands power and spreads fear, yet they all hilariously live under one roof going through everyday problems. There's also Collin Robinson the emotional vampire who instead of feeding off blood feeds off boredom and people's emotions.

The Suicide Squad

Yup, you guessed it, one of the most popular costumes since 2016 is back. James Gunns The Suicide Squad gave us multiple new looks for Harley Quinn, Peacemaker is also making waves after actor John Cena not only played the character in the movie but also marched around the red carpet in his movie costume.

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