I just thought I was being nice. Then I got accused of kissing a@$.

On Friday, Lisa and I were invited to my boss’s house for dinner with a couple co-workers. The evening was beautiful, the food was great, we all had a good time and enjoyed an awesome evening under the stars on their back patio.

The conversation turned to COVID and how challenging it is get disinfectant wipes anywhere. My boss’s wife mentioned she could not find Clorox wipes anywhere. She has tried over the last few weeks with no luck. Lisa then mentioned that she had a hook up and could get her some.

Clorox wipes

We fast forward to Sunday. My brother and his wife joined us for lunch. Afterwards, we all went to grab the wipes at the store. While there I told my brother about who we are grabbing them for. That's when it happened - my brother accused me of being an a@$ kisser!

"For getting someone Clorox wipes for someone? I retorted. "No, because you are getting them for your boss!" We both laughed knowing how absurd the idea was.

My brother & I are close, so I know he was joking. But still, I checked my motivation. “Why did I get Clorox wipes for my boss?”

The answer short and sweet? I love doing things for others. It's that easy. It brings me joy. I love giving these gifts. Sometimes it is mistaken for sucking up. When is it “hiney” kissing? And when is it just doing something nice for someone else? It all starts with motive. I love seeing others happy. If I can be a part of that, I will do whatever I can to make someone else's day. That's my motive. Plain and simple. To see others happy.

So, is doing this sucking up? Or a nice gesture? Or, is it both?




All My Best,

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