Hey there! The Jimshow here. This morning I read a story that somewhere, out there, Girl Scout Cookies just sitting on where house shelves due to COVID-19. Ugh.

Dang it. I love those things.

I also know that this is Girls Scouts Of America's single most important annual fundraiser. It's a vital part of their organization. Now their inventory just sits there.


Girl Scouts of America is such a vital organization to young girls, I really wanted to support them. So, I threw out all the money in my wallet - $60 cash to see if I could score a box.

So we went on The Bull airwaves and asked anyone if anyone had a box they could spare/sell. Sure enough, had several people scramble to get a box to us.

Jim cookies

Hailey Allen hit us up on Facebook and claimed to have a box - what turned out to to be the ONLY box left in the West Valley.

She delivered it to the studios this morning with a smile on her face and a box in her hand - Hailey even disinfected the box before handing it to me. That's customer service!

samoas studio

I don't think I have ever paid this much for a dessert before. Brian Stephenson pointed out to me that 15 Samoa Cookies that cost $60, = $4 a cookie. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Samoa fix, ENGAGED!

Empty coookies

Thank you Hailey! Girl Scout Cookies will be available soon in all flavors! Support The Girls Scouts of America when they come in and and stock up ya'll! Keep in mind, hoarding Girls Scout cookies will make up for the TP Hoarding you did during 'Rona.

Just sayin'...

Thanks for listening!

-  Jimshow

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