Hogback Development Company has a new restaurant you'll find on the corner of 24 and Nob Hill come spring of 2021. There are some in Yakima who may have never experienced The Habit Burger Grill To give you even more to look forward to, here's a look at the menu of one of their locations. As you can see, it's not just burgers but there's plenty more.

Their signature is the Charburger which comes in a few varieties including a double, one with teriyaki, one with mushroom and more.

They also have sandwiches of several varieties. I've never tried one of these but they sound amazing. That Golden Fried Chicken sandwich with spicy red pepper sauce sounds right up my alley.

If you're looking to go bun-less there is a nice selection of salads.

As far as sides go, the standard fries and onion rings but they also have sweet potato fries and even tempura green beans.

If you're a wondering, they serve Coke products but also have some great shakes and even malts including a mocha and coffee-flavored shakes as well as ice cream cones and sundaes.

And, of course, they have chicken nuggets and other kid's meal options.

Still gotta wait until next spring and, by then, they may have no menu options but this is what it looks like in the time being. Hope it's mostly the same when it opens in Yakima next year.

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