I've been on a search for fun nerdy things to do during the week and I think I've found my new Tuesday activity. Hop Captial Brewing hosts a Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night every Tuesday filled with beer, delicious pizza, and fun trivia.

Not gonna lie I've done a couple of trivia nights and they can be overwhelming, but Hop Capital Brewing keeps things casual and fun. Instead of a whiteboard or answer sheet, you simply use a code given and go to a site they offer where you come up with your team name and give answers.

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The brewery itself is awesome, with both outdoor and indoor seating there's room for everyone. They have a pizza place outside in front of the bar themed up with superheroes and delicious fresh handmade pizza. The beers on tap are next-level tasty, I got a chance to try the Zero To Hero and the Dougie Fresh, both were easy to drink even for IPA's which in all honesty I've never been the biggest fan of. They even have in-house ciders and different specialty beers that come in cans.

Is trivia not for you? They have arcade games like a shot clock basketball game, foosball (not the kind bobby bouche's mom was against, the tabletop kind.) darts, and ski ball. It's family and dog friendly making sure everyone in the family can enjoy this fun atmosphere. Overall I see myself going every Tuesday from now on and you should join me.

You can find all the info on their Facebook by clicking HERE

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