Did you know the LA Lakers played a game last night? Did you know it was a championship game? Do you even know who the Lakers played? Do you care?

Judging by the numbers, NOT so much.

The ratings are in - and if you were NOT in LA, you had no idea that the Lakers beat the Miami Heat for the NBA Championship last night.

Getty Images / LA Lakers fans celebrated thier victory by setting off fire-works and whatnot

Congrats to the Lakers.

Now we know we are talking to completely different sports here, but if you ever wondered if the mighty 5-0 Seahawks were to take on the LA Lakers and what that would look like TV ratings wise, a victor has emerged.

Getty Images/ The guy on the right is no doubt watching the more exciting Hawks/Vikings game

Here are the early ratings from last night. The numbers might be slightly adjusted, but in this case, it will take a lot more than a small adjustment to match or even beat what the Seahawks pulled in ratings wise last night.

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The early ratings show that the Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks game averaged 11.4 million TV viewers.

The Lakers / Heat NBA Championship game averaged 5.6 million TV viewers.

Not. Even. Close.


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Ah the power of the mighty Seahawks - during a NON-playoff, non-championship game, actually doubling the numbers of numbers of an actual Championship game.

Apparently those nationwide are taking notice as well.


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Not a shocker, over the past couple weeks, the games were nail biters that had Hawks fans (and the nation) on the edge of their football seat. They know how to create some great game drama. Score changes, fumbles, interceptions, sacks. You could not get away from the TV.

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Even announcer Al Michaels said before the final moments of last nights game that “The Seahawks have set up quite a dramatic close to another game.”

Boy did they. It was just a great football game.

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So while the Championship LA Lakers hoist their Championship trophy high, Seahawks fans will wave the 12-Man Banner even higher.

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