I was looking up some random info about waterfalls and was pleased to find out that the tallest waterfall in the United States is found right here in the great state of Washington.

Though not the tallest in all of the US with the one in Hawaii not only taking that spot but it also one of the tallest in the world, Colonial Creek Falls in Washington at 2568 feet with 13 drops along the way is pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to get there. It doesn't seem there's a pathway to walk to it or anything. Though it's due north of Yakima there's no straight route. You're looking at a good almost four and a half hour drive past it without getting to see it from the car window.

If you're looking for a better waterfall that you can hike to and closer to us, Umtanum Creek Falls is one you can access. Though not as impressive, it's still something.

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