UBER is coming to Kennewick with potential UBER drivers having to register as Taxi Drivers.It's been a long drawn out process to bring the super popular service back to the Tri-Cities after a year of negotiations.

I started thinking and it occurred to me in a flash of brilliance. I think radio stations vehicles would make a great choice for UBER, Radio Stations and passengers alike.

Here are my top five reasons why radio station vehicles would make great UBER rides.

1) We already have flashy logos on the side of our vehicles making it much easier to be spotted in traffic. Your safety would be our number one concern.

2) We have lots of space. Our radio stations vehicles carry around tents and tables all the time for live broadcasts so we can easily accommodate leg stretching and yawning. We have the perfect sized vehicles for luggage, furniture, groceries and children.

3) We kill two birds with one stone, you get the lift you need and we get the marketing exposure as the radio station vehicles will be on the streets 24/7.

4) You get to hang out with your favorite radio personalities, it's like having your favorite radio show in stereo and in your face. I'm sure watching Big Jim and Stacey Lee argue in person is way better than listening to it on the radio.

5) You get a FREE bumper sticker with every ride!

It's a perfect marriage of radio stations and UBER. I'm so excited for this new offering that I'm using our sister station's vehicle as our test pilot program, it's going to be the start of a beautiful relationship.


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