Last year was a big challenge for wildland firefighters in Yakima and Washington State. Will this fire season be another big Challenge? The fire season is underway in Washington State as the hot temperatures begin to arrive in the Yakima Valley and the threat of fire increases at the end of the month and into next month. Officials with the State Department of Natural Resources say they expect a mild fire season given the wet cool spring in the state. That wet spring however grew a lot of weeds and other fire fuels in Central Washington the reason why firefighters are urging major caution.

How would you know about a major emergency in your area?

If a fire breaks out in your area you'll want to be notified. It's why officials with Yakima County Emergency Management urge everyone to get signed up for what's called AlertYakima. AlertYakima is the mass notification system that all public safety organizations use in Yakima County to notify residents about critical incidents. The system is used to notify you about evacuations, severe weather warnings, assistance locating lost or missing children. You can sign up now at

Last year was a tough year for wildland firefighters

The Washington Forest Protection Association says during the 2021 the Washington wildfire season a total 674,249 acres burned. 88% of Washington wildfires were human-caused. The number one cause is the burning of debris that takes off into a wildfire.
12% (232 total) of Washington wildfires were lightning-caused. 44 Washington fires in 2021 met the large fire criteria- described as fires larger than 1,000 acres in the western United States.

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