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Oh my gosh, flies!

It is summertime, so of course, flies are beyond in abundance. They are everywhere around us--in the house, in the stores, in the car (like, how do they even survive in there?), and of course when you are outside trying to have a decent meal on your patio.

Let us not forget the fruit flies, too! It seems that every time I buy some fruit or vegetables from the produce department, my home will be overrun with fruit flies within the week. It is so depressing to come home from work, go into your kitchen to cook a meal for the family, and then reach on the counter to grab a fresh vegetable from your basket and see fruit flies hovering over your goodies! I notice fruit flies in my house every time I buy bananas, tomatoes.

Instead of swearing off purchasing fresh vegetables for the rest of my life, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I went back to the store and hit up the bug spray aisle. I didn't know which one to buy, so I got the "yellow" one, Raid Multi-Insect. It claims to take care of ridding your home of "ants, spiders, roaches & flies!" I pretty much emptied out the entire bottle to get rid of house flies. But they came flying back into my house the next day. Ugh.

Today, I went back to the bug aisle and they were out of the "yellow" one, so I bought the "green" one, Raid House & Garden. This can of bug spray doesn't even say which type of insects it will get rid of for you, it just says, "Won't Harm Plants!".

I used the "green" one on the two house flies I saw in my bathroom and they fell down dead almost INSTANTLY!

I highly recommend you get the "green" one if you are struggling with getting rid of house flies and/or fruit flies.

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