Feeling trapped with social distancing and mask wearing and lack of travel and dining options and all that? You're not alone. The United States is trying to do its part to get normal back and it's having a tough time doing so. If you feel like Washington State is the worst, the good news is that it isn't. The bad news is it's still not great.

Source: WalletHub

Wallet Hub releases these stats and statistics that I find truly fascinating. It's fun to see from afar where we fall on the list whether we're doing great, poorly or somewhere in the middle. I expected different results for Washington state but I'm not entirely surprised.

31st place out of 51. It could be doing better but not nearly as bad as some.

South Dakota, Wisconsin and Oklahoma have the fewest restrictions when it comes to Covid. A little more free in those places.

The most restrictions belong to California followed by New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New Jersey just announced anyone from Washington needs to be in self-quarantine for two weeks before they can visit stores or anything.

Also interesting to see how different restrictions produce different results state-by-state as seen in this graph.

Source: WalletHub

We're all trying to do our part so lets get out of this as soon as possible.

See all the details at Wallet Hub.

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