I have had a few men in my life that had no idea how to do some things that, to me, came naturally and because my father made me know. My dad always said, “If I can do it, then YOU better know how, too.”  A few studies have been done on this subject. Askmen.com, Role Reeboot, and even the Huffington Post did a quick poll.

I have some of my own that I think every man should know how to do. Since men are always worried about their man card, knowing these things will insure that your man card will never be revoked!

All of the following are from personal experience:

1. Know how to change a tire.

My dad say to me when I was 13, ‘If you are going to drive then you better know how to check your own oil, all your levels and change a tire. If you cannot, then why drive?’ My dad was the best. I have been with men when we broke down on the side of the road. We both got out and the problem was the tire. I said ‘do you want me to grab the jack?’ and almost every time they said ‘can’t we just call somebody?’  Holy Crap! Call somebody? Really? Hell no! I did it myself and eventually the relationship didn’t last. It wasn’t always because of the tire day but there were a billion things after that. HA

2. Remember Mothers Day and your chick’s birthday.

Woman are ridiculously sensitive to stuff like this. If you do forget one of these days. Make it the birthday especially if she is a mom. Being a mom is much more important than having a birthday. If she isn’t a mom, then don’t forget her birthday!

3.  Basic Home Repairs
My toilet stopped up one day and I asked the boyfriend that I was with if he could plunge it for me because I was headed to the radio station. He said that he had never done it before and was worried that he wouldn’t do it right. WTF? Who hasn’t plunge a toilet? This may be the craziest damn thing that I have ever heard. Of course I fixed the situation but that was the end of that.

4. How to read a map.

A guy friend of mine and I decided to take a road trip. I am a control freaked so I did they driving but, I needed him to read the map. We were just off the beaten path by Truckee Nevada, which is ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ country, and I asked him to look on the map and tell me which highway we were on so I could get us back to 80. He said ‘I don’t know why you handed this to me because I do not know how to read it.’ I had to pull over to read it myself but I was pissed off the rest of the trip.

5. Break up a fight, don’t add to it.

This is very important for a man to know. If he only adds to it and doesn’t help his friends out and get them out of a fight then most likely he is a hot head and that would suck any other time. However, I do like a guy who, if in a fight, can nail them in one punch!

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