Last weekend I had the opportunity to accompany my daughters to a daddy/daughter dance that was hosted by my 7-year-old daughter's elementary school.

In prior years, it would just be my oldest, Kaelyn, and I going to her school dance. But my youngest (Taytem, 3) would always want to tag along and didn't understand why she couldn't attend. It was simple: she was too young.

Following the dance last year, she was promised she would be able to go this year. All year she would talk about it. She would carry the photo of Kaelyn and I around, talking about how she was going to the daddy/daughter dance.

Finally, the day arrived! She was so excited. She dressed up, got her hair done and was a little chatter box the entire drive to the venue.

She had the best time. As much as I dread going to a "dance" with hundreds of screaming young girls and dads that I don't know, it's something you MUST do as a dad. The memories the girls make will last a lifetime. I'll never forget it, either.

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