Do you feel like you are stuck in the same boring routine day after day? It might be time for you to mix it up a little. Here are a few ideas to freshen up your day and they are not hard to incorporate into your week at different times.

Stuck at Work

1.) Start your day by drinking an 8oz glass of water right when you get up and try to drink 8 glasses a day
2.) Snack more often at work. Pack some of your favorite treats and try to take short snack breaks
3.) Take a tea or coffee break. Use your break to get out of the office for a few minutes. Tea or coffee work great to pick you up for the last half of your day
4.) Fresh fruit is the way to get your sweet tooth taken care of while eating healthy. Watermelon, Kiwi, Banana are all easy to take with you to work.
5.) Meet up with friends after work for a quick happy hour, it will mix up your day and allow you to get stuff off your chest before you get home.

What other tips do you have for mixing up your routine?

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