It’s a question you have to ask yourself – if a complete stranger needed CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) – would you do it? I mean, really think about it. You are about to put your mouth on a strangers mouth. You don’t know who they are, where they have been or what they may pass onto you – including ‘Rona. You may save their life. Would you pause? Would you stop to consider the repercussions?

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Most of us (I hope) would not think twice about it. I assume a majority of Yakimans would, cause we are good and decent people regardless of race color or belief.

A new study has given us a peek into our thought process into how we would react in our new Covid world. And it’s a little shocking. It show we are now less willing to give CPR on those in cardiac arrest out of fear they may unwittingly catch the virus.

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Respondents were asked whether they would intervene if a stranger were dying in public, in our ‘Rona world. Compared to responses taken before the outbreak, 19.5% fewer people are currently willing to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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Research shows of those who received CPR, they had a 45% chance of surviving a heart attack.

So are more people not wanting to engage in the process when needed? Is it fear? Fear of ‘Rona? I get the apprehension, but keep in mind, according The Center for Disease Control (CDC), have released the latest numbers.



It’s a good reminder and we love ourselves some facts around here. Kids have over a 99% chance of surviving Corona. Adults up to age 60 have a 99% chance of recovery. 61 and older, a 96% chance of recovery. Those look like pretty good numbers to me – because they are.


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Lots of fear out there. The numbers don’t lie and they should not stop any of us from acting when needed. So God forbid, you find yourself in a situation where a medical emergency arises, do your soul a favor – do the right thing. Save a life.


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