Let's just get this out of the way. The Combination of Dustin Lynch and Thomas Rhett is undeniably AMAZING. But I have some issues with the night we saw him in Tacoma ...

Arguably the most upsetting part of the night was that when we got there, we found out that neither Thomas' dad, Rhett Atkins, NOR Russell Dickerson would be there. Which is frustrating because we were led to believe that they would be there, and it really was a lot of the reason we went.

But the first kick in the pants was that parking was $30! Not the standard $10-$12 we pay at the SunDome -- no. THIRTY DOLLARS to park your car in a parking lot where the parking spot lines were barely visible! If I would have know that, I probably would have parked at the casino down the road and Ubered to the concert.

Is it just me or is that price excessive?

Overall, am I glad I got to see Thomas live? Yes, absolutely. But I am still disgruntled about the cost of parking.