Sasquatch is a legend to some and a fairy tale to others, those who chose to believe in Bigfoot may go to the extremes to find them. Bigfoots are rare and few but here in the Pacific North West, many have claimed to see one but only a few have capture proof.

If you're like me part of you knows the world is too big and vast of a place for us to be sure there's no existence. Since 1971 when the first video footage was captured by two Yakima men the hunt was on. Now hundreds if not thousands of people are out there searching for proof. Here are three Sasquatch sightings in Washington state that just might make you a believer

Sherman Pass on State Route 20

This sighting shocked even the officials of the Washington State Department Of Transportation. The sighting took place on Sherman Pass over State Route 20 the week 4th week of January. They asked the public for help even curious if anyone had seen anything like it. Bigfoots are known to set up camp away from humans and close to a food source and water so this area actually makes sense. Some claim it's a man out for a stroll on the rough snowy terrain but what do you think?

The Quest Out West, The Olympic Forest

The rumors and sightings of sasquatch were so huge in Washington State it attracted the sasquatch hunters from Expedition Bigfoot. The team traveled to the Olympic National Forest and set up camp to find proof. They may have found more than they bargained for when team member Russell was out in search alone with a camera crew. He agitated something big and loud, enough to the point where it started chasing him. In the video, you can hear the fear in Russell's voice and watch as he races to safety.

Ape Canyon Sasquatch Attack

This one doesn't have any video proof or photo's but what it does have is an enticing story of Washingtonian men on Mount St. Helens. In 1924 gold prospectors were in the forest setting up camp before gold panning the nearby rivers. After setting up the cabin the prospectors were under attack, boulders came crashing down on their cabin when they heard screaming howels from overhead. When they peaked their heads out they saw what looked to be an ape-like man figure at the top of the hill they were under. They claimed after screaming and yelling the attacks had stopped. Minutes later they had started back up but more intense. The men had claimed that more of the "mountain devils" showed up and joined in hurling stones and didn't stop until daybreak. One of the men who finally peeked his head out claimed to see the ape figure on the ridge. Hence why it's now called Ape Canyon.

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